10 Foot Wire Harness w/12v Cigarette Plug-2 Light Max 85 Watts Baja Designs

SKU: 447650-FGXX Barcode: 819314029993
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This new 12V circuit lighter wiring harness combines versatility and durability in one allowing you to move your lights with you wherever you may be going. This cigarette style socket allows you to plug in any of your automotive lighting accessories right from your car's power outlet providing for quick and easy plug and play.

Detailed Specs
SKU: 447650

  • Product Type 10 ft. Wire Harness w/ 12v Cigarette Plug
  • Description 2 light max 85 watts
  • Application Squadron/S2
  • Wiring Harness Included Yes
  • Wiring Harness Description 2 light max 85 watts
  • Wiring Harness Length (in.) 120
  • Switch Included Yes
  • Switch Type Toggle
  • Terminal Connector Two-Pin Connections
  • Mounting Hardware Included No
  • Universal or Specific Universal


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