JLT Cold Air Intake Kit Dry Filter 2015-2016 F-150 5.0L No Tuning Required

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A JLT solution for your 2015-2016 5.0L F-150. After all of the success of our kits for the 5.0 powered Mustangs we decided to attack the pickup truck market with the same logic. Make a system that's bigger and badder then any other current system available.

Intake Tube
JLT's 2015-2016 F-150 5.0L Cold Air Intake is fully computer Designed to optimize space and for best fit and Finish. Large 4.5 inch filter inlet with radius-ed end for smooth air flow to the throttle body
Tube measures 4 inch at the throttle body side in preparation for larger after market throttle bodies.

Heat Shield
Retains the bottom half of the stock air box, maintains fresh air feed by doing this! We include a new top half to accept our large filter and tube.

Air Filter
We use only the best Air Filters made by S and B to our specifications. We love S and B's tapered flange Design and Powerstack filtered ends. With a huge 4.5 inch opening on the tube we needed a huge filter. The result is a monster 4.5x6 inch filter.

This Intake system is No Tune Required.

Power Gains
In our testing we have found Gains to be a consistent 10-15RWHP peak, with even more under the curve.

Kit Includes:

  • JLT Black Textured Intake Tube
  • 90 degree Rubber Reducer
  • 4.5x6 inch S and B Powerstack Air Filter Dry Filter
  • Heat Shield
  • HD Clamps and all needed hardware

Note: This kit is street legal in all US states for 2015 and 2016 models, CARB Exempt ID: D-761-2.

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